About Us


For over 35 years in Nürnberg

We welcome you in our indian speciality restaurant. Enjoy your stay in our restaurant and enjoy your meal with relaxation and peace.

The individual dishes are diligently well-matched, the flavours vary from sweet to flaming spicy and the combinations of the different savories are infinite.

Our meals may be unnatural to some continental tastes offer however surprises to the well experienced. Necessary with that is that all dishes including: meat, fish, and vegetables are freshly cooked, which of course needs time. This is where we ask for your patience. You will also find, in our card, a large variety of vegetarian dishes, since the vegetarian kitchen is spread all over India and is well-known for it's rich tastes.

Of course, you can also find an ample choice to selected Wines, Beers and other alcoholic beverages.

Enjoy your meal!